Our Service

Real estate sales - Condominium sales

The sale of condominiums represents the core business of Cosmos Initia Co., Ltd. In our 35-year history, we have achieved sales of 1,700 condominiums (95,000 units) in the greater Tokyo, Kinki, and Kyushu areas. We work to maintain our competitive edge through our own rigorous quality standards, customer-focused product design, objectively verified prices, superior marketing expertise, and a full range of after-sales services. With this increasing range of original products and services, we will continue to create ideal living environments for our customers.

Real estate sales - Detached-housing sales

We provide detached homes that do more than fulfill the basic functions of a living space. While our homes are integrated seamlessly with the surrounding environment, they also provide all of the advanced functions and qualities that today's customers expect. At the same time, our comprehensive urban projects, based on joint condominium/detached-housing development, have allowed us to develop the best products available as we streamline and sharpen our skills in residential planning. Based on our current supply capacity of 300 homes a year, we intend to continue to drive our ambitious program of business expansion.

Real estate brokerage - Commercial real estate brokerage

Cosmos Initia has developed a commercial real estate brokerage business that can respond to a range of needs, drawing on an extensive network of over 15,000 companies. This business provides a broad array of reliable services: locating office and retail space, social welfare facilities, and land and buildings for investment.

The sale and acquisition of such spaces, facilities, land, and buildings is essential to any company's business strategy. Our clients know that they can count on us for timely, reliable consulting services and meticulous support of these strategies.

Real estate brokerage - Detached-housing brokerage

Using tools such as the condominium valuation system developed in house at Cosmos Initia and our comprehensive relocation support service, we help ensure that our clients sell their properties and locate new or pre-owned homes smoothly and with a minimum of stress.

Real estate brokerage - Commission sales

In our commission sales business, we apply the extensive marketing and sales expertise established through the sales of our own condominiums and detached homes to the sale of such properties owned by other companies and individuals.

Real estate rentals - Rentals operation and management

In response to growing demand in rental real estate, which makes up a significant proportion of demand in the Japanese real estate sector, we have established a twenty-year record in rental operations, mainly in the housing and retail markets. We have also implemented a system of subleasing operations to ensure that maximum use is made of customer properties. In these, as in our other activities, we offer support at every step, from exhaustive research to the formulation of planning proposals to operations and management.

For example, utilizing the exceptional planning and thorough cost management of our in-house design department, we have been able to offer over 7,500 rental condominiums of various types in the metropolitan area. We also offer a comprehensive property management service that covers every aspect of property management, from finding tenants to acting on the owner's behalf after tenants move in. Our success in this area has led us to establish the ambitious goal of providing 700 such rental properties a year.

Real estate consulting - Consulting

Going beyond traditional brokerage support, we offer advice on property exchanges for individuals and corporations; we can help in taking advantage of under-utilized real estate, and can answer your questions on matters of inheritance and on securing a steady income from your real estate investment. Offering expertise based on thirty years of experience in condominium and detached housing development and leasing management, our network of specialists (including accountants, licensed tax accountants, and architects) provide comprehensive support for nearly all of your real estate needs. All of our advice and support is formulated from the customer's perspective, as we work to identify hidden needs, to increase earnings through improved asset and investment structures, and to enhance the overall value of customer real estate.

Our main specialty is land purchase, which we utilize for our own projects, but we also offer land exchange, intermediation, subleasing, and fixed-term leasehold services. Options can be selected singly or in combination to meet the particular needs of the individual customer.