TOP Management Message

Building a society where people's dreams can come true.
Cosmos Initia brings new values and creates safe , comfortable environments.

"A desire to comprehensively fulfill the various needs for homes, placing the core of all decisions with customers." Since our founding in 1974, this desire has been cultivated for the purpose of continuing to strive for customer satisfaction through the provision of Cosmos Initia products and services. Based on this desire, in our "Brand Statement", which is our promise to society, before customers expect it of us, we demonstrate a resolution to stay one step ahead and try to deeply understand the feelings of our customers, providing specific solutions when continually bringing new values. Our never-ending challenge is to give customers feelings of "greater than expected joy" and deliver to our stakeholders the new values we create. In addition, from the viewpoint of contributions to society, we will work towards "a future with a harmonious Earth that supports the development of boundless life", "a healthy and safe future to live in", and "a vivid livelihood for the next generation to inherit" and continue to create "safe and comfortable places".

Yoshiyuki Takagi